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Brand new to kitchen industry! - mwalker - 18-01-2013

Hi all,

As the title of this thread suggests I have recently moved to work in the kitchen industry and literally have 0 knowledge at this time.

I work in Business Development and have been employed by a large UK based manufacturer to work on the Private Development side of their business with a focus on large national developers. Essentially putting contract kitchens in large developments.

I stumbled across this forum whilst doing some online research and felt it may be worth me joining to see if I can gleen any useful titbits from you experts.

I need to learn as much technical stuff and lingo as I can so that I can give the impression to these construction types that I actually know what i'm talking about!

So...i'll probably lurk around a bit and probably drop in occassionally to ask stupid questions. Please bare with me!



RE: Brand new to kitchen industry! - snezza - 18-01-2013

I see from your Profile that you are working for Moores!

You will notice that there are a lot of posts on here about people needing extra cabinets and replacement parts from Moores and having trouble getting them at a fair and reasonable price Grumpy30h Part of the problem, as I am led to believe, is that Moores contract range has different size doors to the rest of the kitchen industry.

You may end up getting more than you bargained for Matt Cry

But welcome along anyway.......!!!!!ThumbUp

RE: Brand new to kitchen industry! - Daniel - 18-01-2013

Wow you landed that job with zero experience of kitchens ..... well done fella.

It will be a steep learning curve but perhaps we can help slightly level the playing field for you.