KFF File Exchange

Download and share your CAD models and Textures here for other KFF users.

Please create and name your own folders in the KFF Dropbox account.

If you already have the KFF Dropbox login details then please proceed to the KFF Dropbox Account now

If you don't have the login details please Contact Forum Admin

The KFF File Exchange is not exclusively for CAD files so please feel free to upload and share any other files which you may find useful to other users.

******** UPDATE - 22ND DECEMBER 2016 ********

It has come to attention that some members are joining the forum soley with the purpose of accessing the File Exchange. Whilst it is not compulsory to contribute to the forum, please remember that many of our members spend a lot of time developing textures, models, etc for the benefit of others.

If you feel you would like to contribute to gain access then please go to the Donate/Advertise Page and use the drop down menu to make a contribution. Once payment has been received you will be emailed the login details. Please be patient. This can sometimes take up to 12 hours to be processed.if you do not wish to pay for access the minimum Tokens balance you will require is 100

Otherwise, please click HERE to return to the forum main page.