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Matt Finish J Handled Kitchen.
Those pics are on my decent camera, and touched up a bit afterwards as well, but i'm certain it's exactly the same colour as yours.

We must have done going on for 10 kitchens this year featuring that colour, it really is the colour of the moment.  Some J-pull, some true handle-less and a lot of shaker too, it seems to work well with everything.

I would assume masterclass are buying the doors in from PWS?

both kitchens look great  ThumbUp

Possibly, I know they used to buy some stuff from PWS but I thought these doors were from somewhere else, could be wrong though.

(06-11-2019, 04:35 PM)mister_mitch Wrote: I would assume masterclass are buying the doors in from PWS?

both kitchens look great  ThumbUp

I couldn't say but they certainly look similar. I believe PWS get these doors from Italy, at least that was what I was told by the guy I deal with at PWS.

Most component doors come front Italian suppliers for the likes of Uform & PWS.

I know masterclass used to offer the full range of Uform doors (bought in through Uform), on their cabs and in their own colours.
No idea if that's still the case.

Yep I think Italy rings a bell, so they may well be from the same place.

mitch, Masterclass no longer buy from uform.

The blues are all based on the ever popular F&B Hague blue, I’ve been comparing for some built in cupboards in doing at my own house. 

Lovely colour!


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