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Int Cooker Hood
Talking of cooker hoods.... I have a customer specifically for one with a greater extraction rate than 850cm/hour
I've looked at various but can't find any - has to be a canopy hood that will fit in a 330mm deep unit, 600mm wide maximum
There may be one with Elica but they do so many it takes hours to look through them all!

Don't think Elica do one that will shift that amount, I think you'll struggle to find a 600mm hood that will to be honest.

As Owen said, don't think you'll find one pumping that amount in a 600mm wide. Up to 800m3/h yes, greater than 850m3/h I doubt.

If they really what those specs I think the answer will be a model which can be upgraded/converted to a remote motor, ceiling hidden, or exterior wall mounted motor.

Fuster - Apart from losing 20mm worth of height in the wall unit, there's no disadvantage at all.

We're churning out a couple of handleless kitchen per week and never had any issues arise.


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