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Int Cooker Hood
Anyone know of an integrated cooker hood that will fit inside a wall cab which has the Gola rail profile?

The internal measurement is going to be around 260mm deep once you clear the handle and account for the back panel.

Cant make the unit deeper as it will throw everything else out  Cry

I've been making all my wall units deeper partly for this very reason. Also because the cabinets I'm using are made with an 18mm back panel so I'm only getting 260mm internal on a 300mm unit anyway! I've been making them all 330mm deep. and that solves various problems like this, and gives the customer a better interior space I think. 
To add to this I am also usually raising the starting height of wall units to generally 650mm above worktop, so the extractor cabinet is now in line with the rest; there is more space around the worktop which clients seem to like. And also of course with the deeper wall units it helps to mitigate that problem.
But I wonder if someone hasn't made a shallower extractor for this reason so would also be interested to hear if anyone knows of one.

Thanks Fuster, we've been doing exactly the same but as the wall units are running in line with the bases and rotate round the corner it throws everything out.

Seems strange that no supplier has made a canopy hood that fits comfortably into a wall unit. I've had about 3 or 4 jobs now where the hood turns up and its to big.

Anyone else got any ideas?

We use the smeg one 254mm cutout but only comes in 52cm width.

Not had to do it whilst also having to accomodate a gola rail, but in the past I've raised the back panel up to give extra room - would that do it for you?

Instead of using the gola rail, why not just reduce the height of the cabinet by 18mm and let the door hang down below the carcase to open. You can then use the full depth available.

We've stopped using the gola rail on wall units and now just make our wall units 700mm high to allow the door overlap for opening.
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Meepster - I've been thinking of doing that too. Seems to make sense - are there any disadvantages to it? I can't think of any but I'm always worried I'll find out if I change anything!

When I'm struggling with space I normally find Elica have a solution. Think The Sleek, Hidden and one other I can't remember the name of has a relatively shallow profile.

Elica Sklock was the other one, but quickly checking it's 276 deep and the others I mentioned above are larger still... So ignore me! Doh


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