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ArtiCad Fatal Error Message Please Help Me
Hi Guy, 
Been looking through all the posts to try and find anything to help and can't find anything  Cry

I was using articad all day yesterday with no issues at all, I have come to turn on my laptop this morning and am just getting a fatal error message. A basic small dialog box with " could not open 'c:\articad\' "( will attach an image if I can figure out how lol ).  This is on everything from trying to open existing plans to new ones. I am assuming this is because it is a c drive error to do with the system on my machine and not the license?     

I just don't know what to do! Is this a uninstall reinstall situation? as I don't want to really do this and lose all of my saved textures and graphics !! 
Could any of you offer any advice, please? I would be so grateful even it is just to tell me there is nothing to be done and I will have to kill it  Embarrassed Battered

Thank you 

Is there still an Articad folder in your C drive?

try adding the latest build update? (up to build 42 now i think)

Or hold off and call support on Monday?

yer there is still an articad file in the c drive, I am just trying the option of copying the c drive file from another machine and replacing mine to see if that works, then on to the upgrade option. 

Think I may be a phone call on Monday through  Cry

When this has happened to me, Articad told me to try.

go to C-drive, click Articad, click licences, remove RTE then install RTE. And then load Articad.

Always worked for me. worth a try


So I am not sure I have done the right thing but its working! I copied the config from the master computer and replaced mine on the c drive and its worked !! have no clue how as I have not touched the config. 

Thank you for you help xxx still going to give support a call monday to see what they have to say  Smile1


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