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VRL Error?
Finally decided to take the plunge and move to V21 B40. 
On first impressions I’m happy with the materials library, especially the ability to select multiple separated lines and make them all the same material. 
We have 2 desktops and 2 laptops. In order to make any plan usable on any device I upgraded all 4 machines. All seemed well until they all started displaying the same fault. After a while the Change of material throws up a “default VRL can’t be found” (or similar) this stops the machine from producing a VR image or a HD rendered image. 
Spoke to Articad today and it’s a know issue with B40 apparently. The work around is to switch to Software rendering in settings. Not ideal as it’s terrible on the eyes. 
Did ask about tweaking the settings to utilise more of the graphics card but there was no answer, think they have their hands full with other issues. 
Anyone else having this error? 
Hats off to Articad in regards to my previous concerns about upgrading. They must read this forum as I received a phone call about a previous post. I was put off thinking that moving our other Dongle to a software license would mean another monthly payment, but this isn’t the case. My other concern about being able to take a laptop out to site was also unfounded as detaching the license is dead easy. 

Hopefully this issue is sorted quickly as presenting a kitchen using VR is our default way. VR with software looks like we’re running it on a Sinclair Spectrum.


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