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Just finished yesterday
And yes, that is a gap to the Rh side of the oven. It’s a good job I posted these pics up as you’ve all very kindly pointed out the snagging list. We do have to return at some point soon anyway so when I said “finished” I mean it’s all up and running and back in service.

We try our best ThumbUp

I have a true one next few weeks, well it's a Wickes one, not technically true as it doesn't have a mid rail on all the draws, they use tip on draws.  If it's worthy I will post the pics, if I can remember how to do it.

Aha...! I can see how that carousel would be a challenge. As you say, sometimes a bit of surgery is required to get these type of accessories to fit.

I had to do something similar on a unit in the Pantry of that job I've been doing.......

Tough crowd chris  Th_ROFLMAO

Looks great. Glad you got the carousel to fit  ThumbUp

looks great but would be interested to hear how eventually got the quooker tank into the 2 drawer sink cabinets?

We cut a section out of the bottom drawer to allow for the scale watcher and heating vessel. And rebuilt the back and sides obviously!

Very nice gents - the before and after photos really show how good the transformation is.

Will they be having a splashback behind the hob?

Preferred before pictures LOL  ..... only joking, very tidy indeed gents.

Why do you have panels running across the top of the units and then down the side of the columns ? .... a design feature I suppose ?

Also why do you have panels either side of drawer unit under the hob and either side of the extractor fan unit ?

The "panels" on top of the units are a flat cornice 20mm x 70mm.

The carcases are silver so the end panels either side of the hood are to colour match them to the fascias.

And the fillers either side of the hob drawers are to get the spacing right due to the wall end panels above.

@ Steve - yes. I think they need to order something specifically sized and they haven't made their minds up about colour yet.


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