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Just finished yesterday
This is a Crown Imperial Zeluso Matt true handleless kitchen in "Cashmere"

Tops are 20mm quartz, supplied and fitted by Oxford Stone Company. They managed to undercut our regular lot so the customer went with them.

Wooden flooring was existing and was sanded back and prefinished prior to us installing. It was then re sanded and finally finished after the granite was installed.

We went back yesterday to fit the plinths and a few small finishing touches

Appliances are a combination of Neff and Siemens, which the customer sourced himself, though not through I should add....LOL
There is also a 4 in 1 Quooker Flex which caused a massive headache trying to get all the components in a two drawer sink base unit

There was quite a lot of prep in this one and was about three weeks in total for both of us. There is also a utility room in the same range but it was too untidy and full of junk to get any decent pics. So I didn't bother.

A few before pics, courtesy of Paul who went to view the job initially and then the finished job:








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  • snezza (09-12-2018 09:55 AM), steve the fitter (08-12-2018 05:49 PM)

A couple of questions/observations Chris.

What is the finish on the True Handless extrusion, coz it looks a bit Grey in the pictures? Is it Metal of a foil wrapped MDF?

Are the Plinths a metal coating of some sort to give it the mirror finish? And how do you join the corners when you have to go around at 90 degrees such as on the Island?

How do you open the drawers beneath the 2 Ovens? Are they push-to-open or do you have to pull them from the sides?

On the 3 drawer pack in the last picture,....what's going on with the bottom of the lowest drawer....?

Do the door edges have the 2 tone acrylic edgings on them?
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  • Stretch (08-12-2018 08:38 PM)

Well, technically that’s more than “a couple” of questions but I’ll do my best to answer them!

The handleless extrusion is brushed aluminium and not foil wrapped.

The plinths are acrylic with a mirror false mirror finish if you like. The corners on the island are mitred with a chop saw and glued with Mitre Mate to stop them being kicked apart.....or bashed by hoovers, mops etc.

I did question the under oven drawers at the design stage as they pull out from the side wherever the handleless extrusion is. I don’t think it’s ideal to pull out a drawer from one side or t’other.....but....we’ve done this in the past occasionally and it hasn’t caused problems. Space was an issue in this instance and adding a vertical rail either side wasn’t possible.

Just noticed the bottom drawer in the last pic...sorry seems to be a tad out of level! Easily adjustable of course. I’ll make sure I get back and do it and send an updated pic before we get to the social.  Cheers

All the fascias have 2mm ABS colour matched edging as per the fascias.

That is a proper sexy kitchen. I really love it.
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  • Claydon Lad (08-12-2018 11:05 PM), Stretch (08-12-2018 08:38 PM)

I'm nitpicking, I know  !  Doh Looks good though guys  ThumbUp 

True handless does look good, is it a North / South thing?
8 out of 10 kitchens I've done this year have been True handless.

They certainly make you think a bit more as you install them. All very rewarding though. 
That top door profile really makes things challenging- especially trying to make an ultimate carousel work.

What's an ultimate carousel Paul...?

Liking it a lot  ThumbUp

But Bling

Is that a gap behind the gin bottle?  In the same pic is the dishwasher door slightly open? 

Not really true handleless,  That handle for the oven gloves  What 

You cant complain about the tap if you designed it that way.  Did you use 2 U shaped draws, or just the one?

This is an ultimate carousel Tim:



I checked the specs online before I bought it to make sure it would clear the handleless rail. But it was actually taller than specified so a little “surgery” was required.

We had fitted these before so we knew that the Crown L corner cabs don’t have sufficient depth to install them so we modded the cab at the installation stage.

One of the biggest problems with this job is that we designed it to the customers requirements and then they added to it as it was going in meaning we had a few problems to overcome.

The Quooker was never mentioned at the design stage although the sink drawers were. A Crown sink drawer base comes with one U shaped drawer and one standard drawer. If I’m honest, these drawers are hopeless as the storage they provide is next to nothing.

The dishwasher door is slightly open yes. It’s the existing dishwasher reinstalled and doesn’t always latch home properly.

And yes, that is a gap to the Rh side of the oven. It’s a good job I posted these pics up as you’ve all very kindly pointed out the snagging list. We do have to return at some point soon anyway so when I said “finished” I mean it’s all up and running and back in service.


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