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CGI Service, Textures & 3D models
Hey guys,

Been a while since I've posted in here, My names Charles I own two businesses which could be beneficial to you guys.

My first business is called Snappy CGI, specialising in CGI & Animation services - (website is currently being recreated so it's a little out of date).

I primarily work with cabinet/door manufacturers for brochure images, recently have had a lot of interest from retailers and smaller manufacturers who want their own brochure images rather than using their supplier's images. Here are some examples of my Snappy work:


The second website is for CAD users, I've created an online store for High-end 3D models & Textures called iMeshh -
I know a few of you already are signed up but I will be working on manufacture textures, I currently have 108 Egger wood textures already uploaded which are all seamless and come with every texture map you could ever need.

In fact, I used a reengineered ArtiCAD Styler to create this using some of the Egger woods.

Let me know if there's anything I can help you with!

Emails: MOB:07833246876

Charles they are phenomenal mate!

Appreciated!!  ThumbUp

all looks shit to me.


They’re all ridiculous but that first one  Wow2

The 4th one is my favourite. It's almost as good as my NexusCad renders!

I love how on the 4th one down (dark grey units) there's something spilled down the drawerfront beneath the hob! Hyper-realism!!!  Th_ROFLMAO

Thank you guys, and mitch meow haha

And its all about imperfection jonny!


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