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Gables should reach the wall
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2.25 Million Sold !!!!!
Well all... I might of been underselling myself earlier in the year!!!!  Double checked everything and can tell you I've now produced and sold over 2.25million little orange doofers!!!! Absolutely amazing and expecting more good news early in the new year!!!!

Having Wren on board is incredible and I'm also selling well in retail and sales are well up particularly at screwfix... whilst on the subject if anyone uses space-plugs but hasn't left a review on there it would be really appreciated if you would... we've got 29 5 star reviews but many more would be really appreciated.... https://www.screwfix.com/c/screws-nails-...-spaceplug ...

Just been using Johnnies Poll Th_ROFLMAO ........ on the xmas social thread!!!!!!! So thought we should have one on this thread too... I'd be really grateful if you could tick the appropriate boxes 1 each on the pairs of questions and see what we can find out??!!!! Hopefully give me some positive evidence for the companies holding out on me ThumbUp ThumbUp  or I suppose make me chuck the towel in knowing you lot Doh Doh 

Finally, if any of you guys know a joinery or a manufacturer or a rep or anyone you think I would be able to network with I'd really appreciate any contacts you can pass to me it... contacts are just so important and who knows where they can lead!!

So as ever .... thank you all so much for your ongoing support .... my amazing journey continues and if there's anyting I can help any of you guys with don't hesitate to ask!!!! BTW if anyone wants some free plugs at the Christmas do just let me know in advance ....
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  • jonnykitchen (09-11-2018 12:34 AM)

Well done mate. That’s fantastic. Samual Bukas are on you at the meet  ThumbUp

(05-11-2018, 05:56 PM)PJK Wrote: Well done mate. That’s fantastic. Samual Bukas are on you at the meet  ThumbUp

Cheers Cheers .... mind you.... only if you vote!!!! Doh

Voted. Tray worth please  Crazy2

review done

Done  ThumbUpneed to stock up, my lad nicks them off me and gives them out to his mates, cheeky git. I hate screwfix at the moment so will get them elsewhere, or contact you direct.

See you soon Cliff Cheers

You say you’ve “produced and sold” 2.25 million....so that doesn’t include all those you’ve given away?

I think I’m ok for them at the moment as I’ve a back log of spare angle brackets to get through Th_ROFLMAO but if I need some before the Christmas Social I’ll let you know well in advance.


Well done Cliff ! living the Dream.  My Dustbox ventre is in month 2 now and still going slowly but early days.  Ive sold 10 so that works out 1 a week or so.  Not hit the million yet ha!

(05-11-2018, 10:08 PM)rasta Wrote: review done

Thanks Ras!!! ThumbUp You coming to the social? Cheers


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