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German Kitchen with Boxing and Island Bulkhead.
Do you mean the mitres in the ally trim Ray? If so, yes.

I super glued a small MDF block behind each corner as there was a bit of movement in the trims.

Edit. These trims are easily bent if unsupported. I imagine the E100 trim would be even worse. The 50mm and 75mm trims I fitted came all wrapped together in heat wrapped plastic with cardboard on each end,......but were as bent as a donkeys hind leg! I had to straighten them along a 4x2 timber before cutting and fitting them. £30 for postage is steep considering they didn't arrive straight...! Wow2

(01-08-2018, 10:41 PM)snezza Wrote: The studwork timber around the tall bank of units was 44mm x 44mm CLS.
 It didn't need to be any bigger as it's not holding any weight other than itself and is supported by the units themselves.

The elongated hole is actually a recessed plaster light fitting. There are a number of the same fittings set at the same height all around the various rooms at ground level. The plaster fitting is about 200mm wide x 750mm high, but by the time it's all plastered in, filled, sanded down and painted, the recess you can see is about 80mm wide x 500mm high. I suppose you could call it Ambient or Mood Lighting....!

Cheers Tim

Like that Tim ... looks sharpe  ThumbUp

Lovely kitchen as always. I only have one minor criticism. I think you need a few more trestles on site and a bigger workbench. How do you manage to cut anything on that postage stamp?

(09-08-2018, 10:10 AM)andy5405 Wrote: Lovely kitchen as always. I only have one minor criticism. I think you need a few more trestles on site and a bigger workbench. How do you manage to cut anything on that postage stamp?

Th_ROFLMAO .......It is a fairly large workbench/cutting table (2440 x 1220) and there's not always enough room for it on every job, but the last 3 or 4 jobs have all been really large rooms so plenty of space to spread out a bit.

That bench has saved me loads of time since I had it made but it won't fit inside my fitting van, so I usually have it delivered to site when I deliver the kitchen units.

The quartz templating for the kitchen and utility room was done yesterday, so hopefully the job will be all completed by this time next week. I am in the process of cutting and machining up some Oak worktops and an Oak slab end for the reduced depth unit on the end of the Island today.

(30-07-2018, 07:33 PM)snezza Wrote: This is another German True Handless Kitchen with an alcove and Island Bulkhead.
The pictures show the various stages of the build/fit and I'll post pictures of the finished job when it's all completely finished.

Hi Snezza

Dumb question on the way, I am an apprentice trained Joiner of some 30 odd years but never done much joiners shop work. Just hand/portable tool sort of work.

So I'm intrigued to know how you went about drilling all those holes in your cutting table with accuracy?

It looks very useful I assume you use it with Fezzy clamps etc, not that I'm ever likely to make one unless a job dictates I do. I'd be bored to fuck by the time I got to 5th hole Arrgh .

I had the bench made by someone I know with a CNC.

Here's a link to his Website

The bench is based upon the Festool MFT bench and the 20mm holes set at 96mm centres.
All the holes are at a perfect 90 degrees to each other which allows you to make perfect 90 degree and 45 degree cuts with the use of 20mm bench dogs and a guide rail & saw.


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