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Sketch Up Import to Articad Issue!
Hi, I really hope someone can help me as I feel like I am about to lose my mind Crazy2 !! I have been using sketch up with articad successfully for a while now with no ( very few issues ). But now out of the blue none of my models are working. I am just getting a white box where there should be an oven? I don't use anything that complicated and has even just tried a box with oven images to simplify it down with no joy at all. Its probably going to be something really simple but I am just totally stuck. 
I am running Articad v21 build25 and using sketch up 2017. 

I don't know what to do have a headache and my cry from frustration, as still on to articad as all my standard graphics have turned cream and they can't fix it!! so need my sketch ups. They were working on Monday! 

Please can anyone help or offer suggestions for a fix, I would be very grateful


Have you just done a software update and then this started to happen?
Or is it 'out of the blue' - as in no changes and it's all just stopped?

When you say your standard graphics are cream - is that just the appliances?
if so, it sound like as issue with the materials folder and I would just re-install the catalogues (if you need a fix today) Im sure support would be the best port of call for a fix


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