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A Warm Day Today.....!
I had to remove a ceiling today in preparation for a Builder to fit a large Skylight and sparky to do some wiring.The kitchen flows through into an existing Conservatory and it was bloody warm in there today. 
I also had to remove the existing fibreglass insulation......and the ichyness of that along with me sweating like a pig......not my best day ever...! Especially at my age,...Eh Prem!

A few pictures below...






I feel for you Snez ..... I set the air con to 18 and sat in the showroom nice and cool ThumbUp

Tomorrow is going to be 35  Crazy2

......I had an appointment  at 2pm this afternoon to finalise details of 5 kitchens and utility rooms I'm going to be supplying and fitting for a local builder.
As I walked into the reception of their offices, I realised how cool and comfortable  it felt in there compared with outside.
The office manager said that it was hard to realise how warm it was outside whilst sitting at her desk.

Well at your age ( your words )  im surprised you are still hard at it on your own Drunk

I am semi retired now and loving it. Just had a 6 week rest, working next week then a week off.  Now i cherry pic what i want and when i want to do it, lost count of how many fits i have turned away.

Snezzer you a lot older than me, your old bones will be giving you hell What  

I know we all like to have as much control on a fit as possible, but ripping a ceiling down in summer.  What is a top fitter doing basic jobs like this ( at your age) ThumbUp

(26-07-2018, 10:56 AM)PREM Wrote: I am semi retired now and loving it. 

Congrats on the semi retirement Prem.  Hope you're enjoying it  Cheers Cheers

 I always think of my old man when it comes to retirement.   Retired at 60 and died at 63.  Though he loved his job Im pretty sure he enjoyed his retirement much more living it up in Cyprus with my mum.  A real shame he didnt get to do it for another 15 years.

Prem is right snez, you need to be finding people you can trust to do shit jobs like that. Easier said than done, I know......

I pulled a ceiling down on Monday but, in fairness the kitchen is only 8ft square and didn’t require a lot of effort. And the customer, well, he is actually the tenant of the flat, was more than happy to help get rid of all the shite......

For someone like you Snez, whose time could be put to better use fabricating Corian, designing a kitchen, doing the ordering, sorting the deliveries etc, etc, that must be the most expensive but of labouring and, if I was in your position I would definitely consider farming out a job like that.

Under normal circumstances, I would have just removed the old ceiling as part of removing the kitchen. But, there is a fair bit of preparation work to be done by other trades that has been arranged by the Client. That's why I had to remove the ceiling earlier than normal but left the kitchen units untouched as the kitchen fit is not due to start for 2 weeks.

It was just unfortunate that the day I chose to remove the ceiling happened to be one of the hottest days of the year....!!

I have to admit, I really do need to find some help coz the amount of work that is coming in at the moment is getting rather overwhelming, say the least!

I understand Prem has got a lot more time on his hands these days. I’m sure he’d be happy to labour for you. LOL


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