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Daniel's Latest Design ....
Hi all,

Strickly speaking not a kitchen but hopefully it will become one soon !!

I thought I would post these renders up so you can see what we are doing at the moment.

The kitchen units are a texturised matt lacquer in light grey and light green/grey, the appliances are a combination of Miele and Gaggenau, the worktops on the island are brushed stainless steel, the worktops on the back run are Cerlasio Ceramic and the breakfast bar is a live edge solid piece of olive wood that will take a bit of finding !!

The client has seen the design and really likes it but wants changes to the island which I think is a shame.

We didn't do the renders, we send our modelling to an external guy who does a nice job.

If we get the job it will be for December, so fingers crossed.

What do you all think ?





I really like it, but I think it needs a bold colour feature wall behind the table


That's a fairly average size room for one of your projects, nice to see what else can be done with a space like that

Thanks Mitch .... the client is thinking of having the whole back wall covered in a vingl wrap depicting a rain forest, we decided to leave it out of the render for now.

I only mentioned it as I was talking to Pete the other day, and he was showing me some of the previous versions   Tongue1

Yeah I thought that might have been the case ThumbUp  .... did you prefer it with the green wall we had previously ?

I liked it, but for the renders it did draw my eye away from looking at the kitchen.

Exactly what we thought.

Renders are fantastic - do you know what software he uses?

Personally not a fan of SS w/tops in residential houses but each to their own! We've done copper before which was pretty nice though. I agree a contract/pop if colour would really lift things. 

Good luck getting it!

Jayne, it's Peter that you know, so Blender/Articad I would assume


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