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Matt Grey German True Handless Kitchen.
Superb job Mr Snezza' I'm very envious of the size of kitchens you guys get to work with.

Thanks Kov!   ThumbUp

I started another one this week.....A big room again and this is how far I've progressed.....



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  • mezzyg (20-07-2018 09:16 AM)

You need to tell your new client they have ghosts  Bling

What’s with the big holes in the bulkhead Snez ?

And do you do the bulkheads and box sections in your kitchens or were they done by a main contractor ?

This job is a one off self build project. It was a recommend from a previous Client I did a job for about 2 years ago.
The Client is Project Managing the build himself and is doing a good job of it.

As you've probably guessed Daniel, the box section is going to enclose a bank of tall units. It's another True Handless Kitchen and i didnt want to risk getting a builder to build the box section and then find he hadn't allowed the exact size I needed. The finished alcove has to be 3754mm wide x  2230mm high or it wont look or work as i want it to.

The overhead bulkhead also needed to be an exact size to reflect the size and shape of the Island that is going to be positioned below it. I have been liaising with the Lighting Designer that has been employed by the Client and he came up with the design of the bulkhead and is supplying a special alloy trim that fits around the perimeter of that bulkhead that hides the LED lighting and creates a particular effect that he is looking to achieve.

The large holes were also requested by the Designer and the Electrician as they are planning on using some new style LED spot lights that can be used in flush mode or pulled downwards and then used in directional spot light mode.
That ply bulkhead is going to be covered tomorrow in 12mm plaster board, and then the Electrican will cut 8 off x 127mm dia holes in it for the special lights. The light casings are then fitted and the complete bulkhead gets plastered making the lights flush with the finished surface before painting.

Looks like it will be fantastic already - look forward to the updates and final pics!

Sounds like an interesting lighting set up Snez, get some more images up when you're done if you can.

We do not get involved with fitting out bulkheads and box sections but I think we should as the amount of times we need a main contractor to make changes is ridiculous, they just don't work to the tolerances we require ..... why would you ever want a filler panel to bridge a gap in a brand new box section Doh

Its so nice when a client is on top of his shit and in control !!

The Client has been building this house for 18 months now, so he's not rushing...

Your experience of Contractors building these type of bulkheads is the reason I build my own.
Yes, it adds time to the job but at least you know its correct....

Fantastic kitchen Tim - love the layout and style


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