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Sunday Quiz...!
I had to make these today. Anyone want to guess what they are for....?

The middle one is the original and the kitchen appliance came with 4 of them.

I only needed to make 2 new ones to get the appliance to work as I had planned.

The big slot in the new brackets is not necessary, it just happened to be in the original bits of metal that I had in my home 
Workshop. It  shouldn't affect the replacement bracket too much, as I can always drill a couple more small fixing holes in it to give it a bit more strength if needs be.






Here's a clue......This is the type of handle on the cabinet door that is going to be fitted to the appliance.....


Any clues? What is the appliance?

The appliance is a Fridge,......sort of!


A Flux capacitor bracket ThumbUp

A thingie me bob. Tongue1

Has no one out there fitted one of these type of Drawer Fridges before...?

You can see in the picture above, the 2 rebated slots at the top of each drawer. The 4 original brackets are designed to fit in there via fixing bolts and adjusters. The top drawer fixings are ok, coz my 2 drawer fronts are 386mm high so I had to put a filler in between the top of the appliance and the underside of the worktop to ensure the 2 drawer fronts would line up with the gap between the 2 appliance drawers.

The problem is with the lower drawer, with a J Handled door or a drawer handle such as the one I showed a picture of, the screws to fix the brackets to the back of the drawer fronts will come through the handle area coz it's so thin.

By making the brackets longer, the fixing screws will screw into the thicker part of the drawer front..... ThumbUp

Is that a Fisher Paykel Tim ?

(25-06-2018, 07:17 AM)PREM Wrote: A Flux capacitor bracket ThumbUp

A thingie me bob. Tongue1


Posted in the wrong section again!

(25-06-2018, 12:35 PM)Daniel Wrote: Is that a Fisher Paykel Tim ?

No mate,.....Its a Hotpoint fridge!! The quality isn't the best but there is not many options other than the FP version, and then you are looking at a lot more £££.....

One of the biggest PITA things about this model is, states that it's 900mm wide! The ferkin thing WILL NOT FIT in a 900mm gap  Grumpy30h  It needs about 904mm which throws out the cabinets on the opposite side of the Island.......I got there in the end though!

Here are a few more pics of the Fridge Drawers with the drawer fronts fitted. You can see the standard mounting brackets on the top drawer in the first 2 pictures  and the spacer rail i fitted to lower the appliance to allow for the 386mm high drawer fronts. The special "Snezza" brackets are on the lower drawer in the other 2 pictures. The final picture is of the completed job.







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