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Newbie with zenith
Hi guys,

New to the forum but been reading a lot of the threads, some great help out there. Just about to fit some zenith 12.5mm worktops, new to me. Any advice on best cutters to use.

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  • Joe the chip (03-06-2018 04:20 PM)

Have just researched this. Use a sharp triple chip, no need for a diamond blade. I'm fitting one next week.

Even though it's thin I still do 2-3 passes, it's that hard.  Look at the you tube vids, they are a good help.  I did a Wickes zenith this  week the glue was a rapid setting which is to quick and thick.    .

cheers, i don't have suction clamps, maybe if i get some more i can justify the cost. what are you guys using to clamp the tops.

Most of the time i wedge them in from the opposite wall, or use my gecko's if its an open end.

I've sold Zenith for a good 12 months now and people use regular woodworking tools, but it does completely ruin blades.


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