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Articad user trying to make friends at KBB
Hi all,

I attended the KBB with great intentions of vanishing the demons of the last one (very drunk and heckled the T**T that is Gary Flavell, amongst others) it started well, I headed straight to the Blum stand knowing they would have beer on tap..... it went downhill from there on in......Day one write off (if you throw in the curry with the directors, the cocktails a bouncy castle at 2am followed by a casino)

Day 2 met Charles which was very helpful, i was hoping to get a few accessory links and some advice, i got advice which was good but no links, can some one please help a sad old p*sshead designer get some decent accessories

In return when I'm in your neck of the woods i'll buy you a beer.

Try these, i normally set up a room and work on each models textures to get them looking as real as possible. Then save as favourites. You can have the best models but if the textures are shit then it looks shit!

Using vr is sometimes an easy way to edit sketchup models textures.      ThumbUp
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