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Painted/lacquered door
Recent Project, Painted/lacquered door.
Acrylic splash back. Integrated dishwasher
Sorry Pictures are a bit fuzzy.

Couple of snags visible, such as window sill



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  • Colour Republic (04-01-2018 10:30 PM)

Is it your fit Paul or design?  

Is that a 600 wall with two 300 doors or 2  300 walls?.

Hi Prem, its my deisgn/sale.
For easier access, its 2 x 300 wall cabinets, so customer wont have to reach around open door for access, better than a single 600 cabinet with 2 x 300s, if that makes sense

Thanks for sharing Paul. What about a 600 cab with a single door hinged on the right?


Pics are a bit fuzzy but I love the kitchen. Really nice design and it has a really nice flow to it. Great stuff, Paul.


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