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Hello all
Hi all, just a quick intro here, have been reading on and off for a about two years. 

I work in kitchen design/sales for a big retailer.


Hi Paul ..... most of us on here work for ourselves or for small indepedents, some of the fitters have worked on and off for the bigger retailers but I don't recall anyone contributing from the design/sales side from a big retailer.

It would be interesting to here your points of view on many things as your stand point will be quite different from all of us I would imagine.

Welcome ThumbUp

Welcome Paul, ThumbUp

Can you tell us who? or keeping a low profile.

Welcome aboard Paul..

Would be interesting to get a different viewpoint from someone who works for one of the major retailers for all the reasons Daniel outlined.

You can tell us who you work for and we promise not to be too harsh!

Thanks for all the welcome msgs

Probably have a different view point for sure, I want to have a better understanding of the fitters side of this industry, and forever be a student and take a bit of inspiration from the pictures tread.

In regards to who I work for, I wasn't sure I was aloud post the name, but I'm OK with posting as long as it doesn't breach the rules here?

I have had a few interviews for independent kitchen company, I think its time to make a move

No probs. You’ve got admin permission!

B&Q - go easy on me Wink2

Over to you lads....!  Fight

Hi Paul, and a warm welcome to the forum. 
I think it may be fascinating to hear some of your perspective on things.

Ohh, and fingers crossed regarding those recent interviews !!  Wink


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