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Happy New Year
Wishing everyone a happy new year. The last couple of years have been challenging at times for me but 2017 ended well so I'm looking forward to 2018. 

Does anyone have any New Year resolutions? 

One of mine is to not fit any laminate worktops. You'll never guess what I'm doing today of all days! 

A 2017 ambition was to fit into my 20 year old 34 inch waist Wranglers. They have been hanging up on my landing for years as inspiration to lose weight. I can't tell you how much my mates took the piss on that one!  Did it 5 days ago, happy days.

2018 business resolutions are new website, new van and new design software hopefully leading to higher margins. 

2018 personal resolutions are more healthy choices and less time in the pub.

So come on peeps, what have you got planned? It could be fun to come back to this post in 12 months time and it could even provide inspiration to make something happen by making a public resolution.

P.S One that I would love to achieve but it could be a tall order:


Happy New Year to you as well Andy.

Your next challenge is to fit into a pair of my 32 inch waist jeans... ThumbUp

I could probably do with giving up smoking properly, ie not vaping either. Nothing wrong with vaping but it still makes me want to have a cigarette as well.

I could possibly make the tea at work more often but apart from that I don't have any goals or aspirations this year other than what I'm doing already.

You'll always be funnier than PREM Th_ROFLMAO

Happy new year lads, n. Lasses.  And the two tits above ThumbUp

I have completely different goals this year, I will be working a lot less.  Which is proving harder than I  thought,  refusing jobs, telling companies I'm too busy.
I don't need to be as busy as before, or keep nursing my back with the hope it won't give in totally.

Never done resolutions,  except for getting fitter, body and mind.

Everyone is funnier than Prem Th_ROFLMAO in your dreams muppets.

Happy New Year everyone.

My aim this year with the business is to let the guys who work for me have more autonomy, I micromanage too much.

My personal aim is similar to Andy's .... over the next few months I want to make all my 34 jeans more comfortable !!

Something that will never change :

never replying to Prem's joke shop !

Daniel, why stop a habit:


Happy new year all!

Mine are:
- to say no to anything that's not kitchens and to try to stick my toe into the bedroom market
- work less and have more time with my family
- look after my health

Here's hoping!

And to be able to comfortably fit in my 28" trousers  Wink

My 34s will be tight after Xmas. It's my 1st Slimming World weigh-in tomorrow for 2018 and I'm certain to have my biggest gain since I started last April. It's back to healthy eating after tomorrow.


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