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"Realistic" doors and windows
This is something I've been meaning to have a play around with for quite some time and, tbh, not knowing what will be included in the NexusCAD upgrade I'll have to see if its worth pursuing.

I don't often get a chance to do this when I go to visit a potential customer as there are usually too many obstructions such as food waste bins on window cills and general junk but I've always thought I'd like to take pics of the customers actual windows and doors so I could include them in the renders for a bit of realism.

Me and him went over to The Isle of Wight on Friday to look at some work for a previous customer of ours who has moved there and is wanting a lot of work done, the kitchen being the first on the list.

As the house is not really being lived in and we were there all day I had plenty of time to take some pics and I got the ones shown in the render below just after it had stopped raining, so, a bit of "extra" realism.

As these pics were only taken on the iPhone I had to do a bit of editing in Photoshop to straighten them out a bit and enhance them to the max but I thought they looked quite effective and when I emailed the initial designs to the customer she was chuffed to bits.

I just added them to the Textures > Misc folder so they can be accessed from the drop down menu.

Before I do the big reveal, I will just say that I know these are nowhere near the level that can be offered by Articad in that they are quite two dimensional but this particular customer is one of those who needs to see a lot of detail in a design as she can't quite picture it in her head....bless her.

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These look super realistic, glad to hear the client was delighted, its always a nice feeling when your extra effort pays off!

Nice work Stretch' i have often thought about doing this to my visuals but never got around to it.
Any info on the nexus update??

I've emailed Tony today so hopefully will hear something soon.

Thats a nice personal touch. Looks like a decent design package.

Any of you lads handy with photoshop?

(05-01-2018, 11:21 PM)Paul DC Wrote: Thats a nice personal touch. Looks like a decent design package.

Any of you lads handy with photoshop?

It is nice to see how things can be taken to next level with some extra effort.


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