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Solid grade laminate (SGL)
I have a job to do shortly using solid grade laminate. Has anyone fitted any? As it’s on 12mm thick I am just wondering about joining it! It’s a u-shape, so 2 joins. I am assuming butt joint but wondering what adhesive! Also the front edge looks spindles finish. Do people sand these flat or leave as is? It’s a good finish but you can always see spindle marks in this type of stuff...

havent fitted them but Im pretty sure you buscuit join the joints and pull them together with joining clamps or glued blocks.  I imagine the adhesive will be supplied with worktops.  
Pretty sure you sand the front edge to get rid of any spindles and a fine tooth jigsaw blade is meant to be better than a standard jigsaw blade

  Im sure there will be videos on youtube to guide you through the fitting process Smile

  Hopefully you havent got a stupidly thick induction hob above an oven as it will fail on it unless you put a filler at the top like what happened to my fit this week with 30mm tops !!!

I think the adhesive that is used for the joints is a 2 pack Epoxy glue...???

I had a Sample Rack turn up last week with 6 colours in it. Its Zenith 12mm Solid laminate.

I'm doing a quote at the moment for someone that wants this type of worktop, hence the sample display rack.



The samples and a close up of the cut edges of the sample boards.
You can clearly see the tram lines of the cutting on the edge with a spindle.

Yes I thought it would be apoxy too. Someone did tell me silicone but I can’t see it being good enough to stop it moving. I could imagine the front edge moving at the joint which would be rubbish!

Fitted a few now, like the lads say 2 part glue. The last lot was the gorilla glue like araldite of old.  Biscuit the joints,  easy install, cutters take a beating though.

Cheers Prem. sounds straightforward enough. What did you do with the front edge? Was it pre finished enough or did you need to sand it?

I sanded the edges,  they had the tram lines in like snezza"s.  Have to stick them down to the units with silicone no fixings.   Like Ste says watch out for induction hobs.

Do you do any of the cutting with a jigsaw or is it all done with a plunge saw and router...?

I think I will be aiming to use my plunge saw and router, but I haven’t heard you can’t use a jigsaw. Unless someone knows different?!

It can be cut with a jigsaw but it's slow and blades don't last long.

I do the same way as normal tops,  rail saw where I can and jig the edges out,  like chip says it's slow with the jig.

I burnt my biscuit cutter on the last one,  so I need another cutter for it.

Aluminium cutting blades are the best for if. Also set festool saw on speed 3-4 max


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