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The mother of all CAD!
Just seen this new section.  I've been using AutoCAD since 1997.  Does the job so well but it was always so awkward to use for its 3D capability back then.  Its still the backbone for 2D CAD though.  As 3D CAD has development much more since then the DWG blocks are a solid format and used widely across many 3D systems.  Funnily enough I noticed that Autokitchen utilised the AutoCAD engine and this was my reason for looking into the system and ultimately purchasing a system.  The accuracy of AutoCAD is second to none, add with this complete customisation and you have a pretty solid winning formula.  Prior to Autokitchen I still used AutoCAD to draw all my plans and elevations for manufacture, something that wasn't possible in my other 3D CAD offering.
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