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In Frame Door Handles
I have got a kitchen to draw up and the customer (my Sister...!!) wants an In Frame kitchen.

I very rarely get asked for In Frame kitchens so it is the first time I have had a need to try and draw one up in Articad.

The problem I am having is 2 fold.  I cant really find an ideal door style/colour (Alabaster Matt Painted - No Wood Grain) in the Articad catalogues.
Even more of a PITA is the fact that even if i can find a door that is broadly suitable for the drawing, none of them seem to have the facility to put a handle on them....!!!???

I am using the Multiwood "Eildon"  in frame door. When I go to "Doors" , then "Customise Door", then "Handle", it lists 70 handles to choose from......but there are no handles to choose from..!!!@@!!@@!! They are all blank......

Where am I going wrong..?

you could use any shaker door graphic and then in room setting click doors have frames ....

do you have the PWS 1909 download?

Hi Mitch,

I will give your suggestion a try.. ThumbUp

I don't have the 1909 catalogue, is it free to download from Articad?

BUT,.......Why are there no handles available for InFrame doors on the catalogues that i have loaded in Articad..?

I use In-frame everyday to look like our handmade kitchens. I mainly use Burbidge's Tetbury or Salcombe ranges or PWS 1909. All these catalogues are free to use Smile

Thanks Jayne.. ThumbUp

It is likely that the catalogues i have that were pre-loaded are not suitable for what I am looking for.

I will log onto the Articad site and see if I can upload the correct catalogues you guys have suggested.

Thanks again.
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