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Kitchen Floor Help
I am installing a new kitchen in my house, after removing the old kitchen the floor is only tiled up to the units and then tiled fully under the stand alone cooker/fridge and washing machine. However the layout of the new kitchen will be slightly different the current one so the appliances and units will not sit level.

What would you guys recommend to do in this situation?

All help and advice greatly appreciated


Are you planning to fit new flooring?

If so you need to remove all the existing tiles before you start so your levels are "similar". It's far better to do this before the units go in as it creates a lot of mess and dust.
Depending on what flooring you'll be having you'll need to do some prep in terms of putting a self levelling compound down before you fit the new floor.

If the floor is ok, you can just buy some tiles like you have and tile the areas needed, once the appliances are in you won't see the tiles.

Rip it up. you'll wish you had once the new kitchens in if you don't.


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