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Chrome Handles
Hi guys,

How can I improve the handles in below's render. They're meant to all be chrome but as you can see, some of then hardly stand out at all, i've been playing around with settings for ages to no avail! 

This render is only a "high" to quickly show you what i'm talking about. Ive just used Articads basic chrome settings but if anyone can guide me to better material settings for chrome I would be grateful!

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Have you tried silver mirror?

Yup, it doesnt even change it a bit. its really frustrating!

If you have not tried already:

1. Diffuse colour should be black. 
2. Lower the reflection (Specular) so it is not quite fully reflective.
3. Untick Fresnel if enabled.

Let us know if it's any better...?

Maybe reduce the Sky scale a bit if you are using Lit appearance to reduce the noise a bit...

Hi Daz,

Did as you said and this is the result at highest render setting - I meant to say I've lost Daz's highest render since i got a new hard drive installed on my computer :(

Still lots of noise of wall cabinet on RHS next to glass door and handles are not looking great but a little improvement i suppose

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  • Daz Gizmo (09-08-2017 10:30 AM)

Jayne - where have you got that floor texture from? It's fantastic!

Meeps (still dont know you're real name im afraid!)

Daz helped me find it online using a google texture search. I then created a bump map too. I've lost my log in details for the KFF Dropbox due to getting a new hard drive - if someone can please message me them I can pop the file and bump map on it for you. It's okay but could do with some grout  Crazy2

I'm Michael  ThumbUp

I don't have the log in details for the KFF Dropbox anyhows :(

(09-08-2017, 10:47 AM)Meepster Wrote: I'm Michael  ThumbUp

I don't have the log in details for the KFF Dropbox anyhows :(

Hi Meepster,

I think you've made enough posts to have access to the drop box.....Just PM Stretch and I'm sure he'll sort you out.


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