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Lighting a room with no windows
I'm struggling on this and always have, in providing sufficient light in a room with no windows, in this case it's a bathroom I'm doing for a client wanting a bathroom and a kitchen..
[Image: 11c93285748d56c8b823700b7722b46e.png]
[Image: 107fc3aed15c66f0a9ab0cdda63dbfd1.png]
VR View

[Image: 036fac94b1ad02bcceca60b3568ecae4.png]
Rendered View

I've tried adding lights but can never get the intensity of them right and then in the VR view, which I use with the clients a lot for quick previews, everything is completely over blown and it's impossible to see anything. I've tried having the door open and treating it as a window with no real results.

Any suggestions?


Try this,

Go to special / edit global ini then open vr tab and check softwareVRshowshadows. All three boxes should be ticked!!

The walls will still be blown out but the lights wont be. ThumbUp

Ceiling lights set lens to lit apperance and start at 1 diffuse. Under unit lighting my diffuse is normally 0.2 or 0.15

Also turn your default light to zero
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  • Daz Gizmo (16-06-2017 01:35 PM)

Also James,

When you have the camera showing the white sky exterior that provides light and reflections and the black areas that are hidden the render engine needs user input to increase the exposure using the Tone Mapping controls. With you not having an opening that would provide a portal the sky light rays to concentrate on they are being generated outside.
You can check this by positioning your camera and resize your ArtiCAD window so you have a view just bordering the inner walls. The Black Shadow areas will still affect the tone mapping so you will still need to alter that.
Also just looking at your render the sun looks like it is on lighting up the back of the tile skirting. If so turn it off and lower the sky scale right down.
Here is your render with the exposure increased but it needs to be done in ArtiCAD for better quality and accuracy:

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  • Jayne Hiddleston (16-06-2017 02:31 PM), Joe Laughlin (16-06-2017 02:07 PM)

You could also change the wall you're looking through to Lit appearance.

Thanks for the advice everyone, I'll try these tips out.

Sorry for the late reply, I've been flat out with surveys and designs off the back of the Ideal Home Show Manchester.


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