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Handless Corner posts and cladding?
Good Evening All, 
I'm trying to create a Handless kitchen where the profile does a external bend around the corner of the island and along the side. I've tried using the external handless corner posts and create the cladding with 60mm deep base units. unfortunately no luck trying to position them correctly  Angry
I'm sure one of you have found an easier way around this 
Also is there a  better model for the corner post that i don't know about - it seems there is a curved edge on the one which i am using currently 

Thanks in advance 

Is this what you are after?:

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(13-06-2017, 09:29 PM)Daz Gizmo Wrote: Is this what you are after?:


This is U-shaped Daz. Is there an L-shape that snaps into the correct position? I've modelled one but it doesn't snap or match in the plan/render.

Not sure what you mean...

This looks okay to me on plan and in 3D?:


Thanks Daz, This is certainly closer to what i wanted to achieve. 
Although i agree with Nathan as I  am still having an issue with lining  up correctly



What door range are you using? I typed that post into search and i got nothing??

did you use a peninsular base?

cheers ThumbUp


Yes, it does not line up very well, ArtiCAD have not thought about the worktop overhang and its going by the carcass depth.. Crazy2

You could untick the worktop in the end panel and resize it to 570mm then move left or right by 20mm. Then add a covered space over the top for the worktop.



They are available in any Cat even the default for me... What if you put cnrpst in search?

Yes I did use a peninsular unit  ThumbUp

Got the normal ones but no handless u-shape???? Battered  Even tried build 22 but nothing?


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