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Inframe from the start of the year
Here's the one of the last kitchens I did for my previous employer (before leaving to set up my showroom). It was finished a couple of months back, but only just got sent the pictures by a colleague.

Smooth painted timber inframe
Granite 30mm & 60mm on island
Rangemaster Cooker and Fridge, Neff everything else

I would be interested to know what people this the kitchen would sell for (furniture, appliances, worktops and dry fit) as I think we massively undersold this one.





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I would'nt have a clue regarding price Mitch as its not my cup of tea at all.....! I never get enquiries for this type of kitchen but I can appreciate the amount of work that has gone into it !

Nice work Mitch i'm not a fan of the granite but its a stunning fit. my guess 40k - 50k

I love it. I love this style. I would have a guess at £37,458.

Wow very nice indeed ..... £50K would be my guess, but like Snezza this isn't my bag at all so I could be way out.

Very nice indeed Mitch. 

Two sinks!!

Since PJK has already taken £37,458, I reckon £35-40k, probably nearer £40k down south!

I'd have said 35 to 40k

Very nice kitchen. Some nice curves going on.

Bag of a fag packet calcs...

£18-20k on units
£8-9k appliances (what RM is that? don't recognise it?)
£2-2.5k on sinks and taps (assume that's a quooker?)
£6-7k worktops
£1,935 Tom Dixon lights
£5-6k Dry fit

£40,935 - £46,435

But all in around £60k with associated works. i.e. elecs, ceiling, plastering, decoration tiling etc

BUT.... the whole thing is let down by the missing 2 inches of skirting. Thank God I found something to moan about LOL


Joking aside the fit looks first class. Bang tidy I believe some would say ThumbUp


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