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Ever worked as a contract kitchen fitters?
Hi all!

Has anyone ever worked as a contract kitchen fitter for a social housing provider or local authority?

If so, who would you say supplies the best kitchens, Rixonway, Symphony Howdens etc?

Why are they the best in your opinion?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


The best of them three  Crazy2  POOR, all of them.

Basically these kitchens are cheap and are what the client is asking and paying for. All the ones you mention do have better options available, but the housing association or whatever specify the cheap ones to save costs.
If you want to fit these type of kitchens go with the company who have the best systems of work in place and have the highest workload. The pay will all be similar, so you want to ensure they are check measured properly and they pay you quickly. H*****s don't manage installations so they would be through a third party. Rixonway and Symphony are both set up to manage and would be better options. Symphony are the biggest and would have the most work available.

I worked as a fitter for symphony for 15yrs on the building sites. Redrow, bellway, lovells etc. Symphony kitchens are good in my opinion but the company and working for them is a nightmare!


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