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Daniel's Latest
Bit of a cheat this one as it is an ex display from my showroom .... took a bit of nip and tucking but got it to fit in the end.

Matt lacquered units, book matched real ebony veneers, textured and honed marble worktops and Miele appliances.

It was on display for nearly 3 years so it was a bit of a war horse, but I still loved it even in someone else's home  Cry

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Those tall units are beauties  Oggle Oggle Oggle

lots of technical questions on this one... but can wait till tomorrow. Geek

Yeah the pin stripes of the ebony is epic .... the pictures actually don't do the veneer justice to be honest.  When we bought it 3 years ago real ebony was expensive but not out of this world, now we have to have ebony specially priced depending on the project as the cost has gone up so dramatically .... stunning timber though.

I remember looking this display over when it was fitted in your Showroom Daniel.

It looks just as good in its new home..!   ThumbUp

Thanks Snezza .... the island is about 600mm shorter than we had it and the one column to the right is reduced by around 150mm, but other than that it is how it was displayed.

Apparently the client came in 3 years ago when we first fitted it and didn't want to fork out for it then, 3 years of driving past the showroom and a half priced display kitchen finally persuaded her ..... she even got the same flooring we have in the showroom fitted.

Looks great Daniel.

So, when do we get the pictures of the new showroom displays?

I will put some up soon Mitch .... still have two worktops to fit, one this Saturday and second one next week.

It has taken too long and driven me up the wall to be honest, but the end is in sight.

Like it, like it, like it.

Even like the join in the hob run, defining the join on the top and wall is a good touch.

Also the under frame  in  ebony on the seating area is a nice feature.

Is the oven hide behind the towers?


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