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is there tutorials/ an idiots guide to Winner
So I have been loaned a Compusoft Winner license, I have it installed but now need to work out how the hell to use it ...

is there an online guide or YouTube tutorial around that I haven't been able to find yet?

Not sure if you found this one but worth a look.

There isn't a great deal out there for winner, not like there is for articad.  If you've got any questions I'll try to answer them, as we've been using it for nearly a year now.

were you an Articad user before Owen? 

Did it take long to get the grips well enough to use it with customer presentations etc?

trying to work out if its worth switching over - its the pricing side of things that would make life easier for me - but if its going to take months to transition then will Articad have caugh up by then, as I understand there will be a pricing side to Articad very soon?

Mitch, no I haven't used articad, I was using nexus previously which was fine at the start but we quickly outgrew it.  It was the fully integrated pricing side of winner which was the deciding factor in choosing that over articad, and I have to say it works very well. 

The software itself is pretty easy to get to grips with, everything is pretty intuitive but if you ever need extra help then the support is top notch.  If you end up switching over there is a two day introduction course which is quite good, we got it included for free anyway.

In terms of using it to present to customers, I don't do a great deal other than panning around the layout to describe various bits, occasionally I will tweak bits of a design when a customer is in front of me which is easy enough.

On the whole I would thoroughly recommend it, but it is heavily dependent on your supplier catalogues being available.  If you do a search on this forum you will find Andy tried it out but found it completely unsuitable for him, as he mainly dealt with component kitchens.


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