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ok so im brandnew to cad&nexus, just got it yesterday and im having a play

im stuck on adding end panels, for example i have selected base end panel, added it to the plan but it is the opposite way to my units. i can rotate it using the rotate tool then when i try to move it in place it spins back round to the original way and i cant seem to get it where i wnat it

any help ThumbUp

Yes, this is a quirk of Nexus that I've never been happy with....and for that reason I don't use the end panels.

There is a better way....

Instead of selecting base end panels, use the base filler panel from the Misc menu.

Adjust its "Properties" to:

Depth:The depth of the carcase (Nexus is 560 by default)
Height: leave unchanged

You will find that this will automatically snap to the edge of the carcase without having to rotate it and you can use the Add Worktop function to it as well.

I've got shitloads of Nexus tutorials in the NexusCad section. Worth a read...

You can stop panels and units rotating when you bring them into a corner, by holding down the shift key while you put it in place.

There my expertise stops Battered
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Well I didn't know that.....!

Another tip is to turn off the grid and zoom into the area you are working on.

You can also use the align tool by first rotating the panel in the right orientation, aligning it to the wall and then to the carcase using a value of 0 each time.

sorted thaks guys, prems way was easier

just knocked up my first plan

is there a way to save images without saving in 3d mode and having the big black area round the pic?

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