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Getting a more balanced lit render using Gamma 2.2
(26-02-2019, 03:03 PM)Jayne Hiddleston Wrote: thanks guys but i posted it because im so unhappy with it  Crazy2 the bleached tall oven housing cabinets and how dark the render is in the hallway towards back of the room. I need to have a go with these gamma settings and see how i get on

Oh sorry... I miss-read it thinking you used it LOL....

I recorded a macro in Serif Photoplus but you can even use Serif Pageplus to automatically apply 0.4545 to the textures. I always add "Gamma 0-4545" to the end of the new edit so I always have the unedited original...


If you email me the drawing I will have a quick look at it with regard to light brightness and materials etc...

Just scanned over your render and to get a more balanced render you could reduce the outside light by using glass and reduce it's transparency as in reality no glass is fully transparent as window glass is between 85-90%.... so use 0.85-0.95 in ArtiCAD as this helps curb overbright exterior lighting that lowers the brightness of the interior as the Tone Mapping causes this... just like if you hold a camera upto light source everything else goes darker around it.

Thanks Daz thats really helpful, will have a go at this  ThumbUp

don't waste your time.
it looks spot on, get the presentation and the sale done.  ThumbUp

(or they will only go and buy from someone showing just elevations anyway  Th_ROFLMAO  Tongue1  )

Are we all in danger of overdoing this whole render thing? We all have a finite time on this planet and it's all too easy to not spend enough time just getting out there and smelling the flowers.

I say this as a person who is spending far too much time on renders now I have my new toy.

I hear you all guys and certainly take it all on board. I think deep down this is a career path i want to pursue in the future, working with companies rather than to the client, producing renders for them so I'm probably more interested in a better quality render than I should be.

In which case you're using the wrong software.  Wink2

i know i know.....  Battered


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