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White Lacquer Kitchen, with green
Here is a kitchen i hadn't posted
A white matt lacquer 'J' router handle - This was just featured in House Beautiful mag, Sept issue. These are customer photos.
The kitchen is a few yrs old now due to mag rules...!










What are the Green panels on the wall made of? It looks too thick to be it Parapan by any chance?


Glass splash back

Is the glass splashback in one piece from the upstands to the ceiling?
Very clean lines, like the lighting over the plinths. Was it planned to put the sockets directly above the glass upstands?
....fully qualified... head of dept of.... bucket washer!
Ohh, and chief tea-maker

Glass runs up in 1 section.
The glass was sorted from the customer grom Glasstops uk. I know the sockets were already in place so guess the upstand was templated to sit under.
The lights are the LED strip lights you stick on.

Looks very nice, I like the white and green, nice touch on the splash back behind the extractor, LEDs are bright so it almost gives the look of hovering base units, 1 very small thing and I hate picking the corner post doesn't suit a j pull handle, buy a 300 door set the saw at 45* and make your own.

re the wall units. Why did you not put an extra wall unit in to join one side upto the larder?? to keep it symmetrical?

Im kinda dong the same on a painted shaker Im working on atm. Its a big open plan kitchen.

The run with the wall units on is a run off approx 4.2m base units including a 900 range nearly in the middle. to the right of the range there is approx 1600mm of base units. The right hand side run of units butts upto range at one end and a wall at the other.

The run on the left hand side of the range is exactly 1720mm, ending with a curved unit and the room goes on another couple of meters into their living space.

Im thinking of doing only 2 600 wall units either side of the range. My thinking is
1. the wall units to the left of the range will not be able to butt upto a wall so do the same to the right

2. the customer doesnt want many wall units.

Hope this makes sense? any opinions fronm the design gurus of the forum would be great

Nice kitchen.... Way over the top with the green!!

They should have just kept it with the glass splashbacks and maybe the bar stools. But stripy green blind, flowery green curtains, retro toaster, chopping board... It just looks like somebody has puked green all over the kitchen. Sometimes less is more.

Nice white throughout the room, i do agree with CR the green needs toning down, even got the bloody green pringles tube on the last 2Sick30h.

Is there enough leg room for sitting at the B Bar?
FESTOOL CHEAPER THAN mafell and Doesn't look like an Aldi special.LOL


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