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You fire don't see any disability
You fire don't see any disability I just think it’s best to just an amazing person quarter ended up getting off the exit safe have been a and I'm ready he's off today having managed to make a good initial impression with his parents are keen to Elite Test 360 find out if his talents could appeal tan American television audience on West Hollywood is the home of one of the entertainment industry's most renowned rights and performance agents I game known as the wizard have owed Chuck Harris has been in show biz forever years check Paris is the largest Supplier visual almighty performers in the world you know this person if clean asked the crowd green and this is also estimate father of the present go George bush on both fact you can’t make it today in our business to be a variety act which Paris I know that's a very big statement is a very egotism statement but .

I see a disability - you're a retard.
Insert amusing/intelligent/witty comment here
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Well hopefully some of this crap will stop now as I've installed a bit of software on the forum that blocks access to the forum - full stop -from any country in the world....ThumbUp

Will it stop PJ posting on the beach in MauritiusCheers
FESTOOL CHEAPER THAN mafell and Doesn't look like an Aldi special.LOL

(25-08-2014, 06:15 PM)PREM Wrote: Will it stop PJ posting on the beach in MauritiusCheers

Yep! If I block Mauritius as a country! That Holiday Forum we have could be quite handy if members choose to tell us where they are off too...LOL
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