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I have been through food through lectures
I have been through food through lectures sold you know one thing I'm convinced about at the end of this panel every one of us will have many gems that means you'll stay calm then spread the word to your own communities and you know one thing that a conference like the ideal conference allows us to do StrapOn pro is to bring many voices only have America America’s large country and we do have a lot of diversity but look at the diversity we have here we have people from all over the world so I you know everyone to be spoken the panel is deserves a whole hour and a half everyone of them could fill effectively the whole are unhappy and use it today's but they get seven minutes what.

Yes pleaseThumbUp
Can i have chicken kung po with fri wice.
FESTOOL CHEAPER THAN mafell and Doesn't look like an Aldi special.LOL

Our forum is becoming so diverse.

I'm sure Stretch will have no hesitation to put things right here when he gets time later Loser30h
....fully qualified... head of dept of.... bucket washer!
Ohh, and chief tea-maker

Am I the only one who has not got a clue what he is going on about?

Come on Paul, read it more carefully and you will totally get it !!

It might help if you put your face closer to the screen and then stuff two chinese chop sticks up your nose while swaying back and forth.

If that doesn't make it more clear I'm not sure I can help you anymore ThumbUp


Time to bring out The Stripemaster 2000 Happy

He left me breathless as his post has only one full stop......... just a few there to get my breath back. Th_ROFLMAO


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