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2020 Fusion For Sale

For sale is a licensed version of 2020 Fusion Version 18 with the additional functionality of being able to import Google Sketch up models, this was an additional extra. There are the old Multiwood and Neff Catalogues on the CD's however these would need updating should you wish to have the latest versions.

This is the leading kitchen design software used by many firms including Magnet, Howdens and other such retailers.

To purchase a new version of this software would cost:
£2325 + VAT* - For the basic software
£175 + VAT* - Google Sketch up add on
Grand total including VAT £3,000.00*

I have spoken with 2020 This morning and they have all my up to date details. I can confirm that they are willing to swap the licence over to the new purchaser. I have to issue a letter to the successful buyer so they know it is not stolen.

The starting price is set because to buy the dongle alone; if it is lost or stolen costs £1000 + VAT*.

This represents an inexpensive way of getting the latest software from 2020 fusion because for an extra £420 +VAT you can upgrade to their latest version. This is a huge saving on this piece of software.

This NORMALLY RETAILS AT £3000.00*!!!

The reason for the sale is my business has changed and moved away from ranges of kitchens. This piece of software is excellent for the type of retailer that deals with ranges and is the industry leading product.

*These prices are right as of 4th July 2014

I assume you paid the forum owners to place your ad on here?

Nope, of course not.

Hence the stripe through his name and a clever bit of editing to the eBay link.

When we, I mean you ban somebody shouldn't the post be deleted as he is still effectively advertising?

If I edit out the relevant stuff such as links to eBay etc then I'm happy to leave the original post up especially if it ridicules the poster...ThumbUp

Lol that eBay link ROFL30h lucky my misses weren't behind me when I clicked on it ROFL30h Brilliant ThumbUp

Shocked but how would you know of such things Stretch Shocked

(05-07-2014, 05:53 PM)PJK Wrote: Shocked but how would you know of such things Stretch Shocked

My thoughts exactly... Better not say much more for fear of a link appearing next to my name.



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