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New Advertiser
In case you hadn't noticed, there's a new advertiser (not a sponsor or even a spammer...they've paid me for the privilege) on board.

I know it swells up the advertisers box but these advertisers keep the forum running and make it affordable for me and most importantly, free for you. They are called Trade Lighting and are located just underneath Cliff.

Anyways, always happy to get a few different suppliers on board. I've not had a chance to go through their website properly but a lot of stuff seems reasonably priced and probably on a par with Toolstation/Screwfix etc.

Feel free to have a browse...ThumbUp

I just had a quick scan through the site, and their prices seem quite good.

I may give them a try on my next job that has LED lighting on it. ThumbUp


I have contacted them asking for discount as the GU10 s are more than i pay. See what they say.ThumbUp
FESTOOL CHEAPER THAN mafell and Doesn't look like an Aldi special.LOL


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