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Lottery Calamity
I wanted to use a stronger word than that but I won't.......

Right, I've had to restart the Lottery as a few "errors" have been made. Now, since we had the forum software upgrade a few months back we had to install a different Lottery software as the old software was no longer compatible with the upgrade. I'll get round to refunding your Tokens in due course.....ThumbUp

The new Lottery software is not as good, or at least I don't have as many controlling parameters as the old software and as such I have no way of limiting the number of entries each member can make.

I wanted to give everyone an equal chance of winning so I limited everyone to one entry only, however there are a couple of double entries - I won't name names so no public apologies needed please!!

These are the T's & C's:

1. Only ONE entry per person please
2. Entry fee is 500 Tokens - this is to prevent the very occasional posters with only a handful of Tokens entering. If you think you've got a case please PM me and I'll help you out in that respect - I'm that sort of bloke! Big Grin
3. Winner will be drawn at random by the software - not me - a week on Sunday 2nd June.
4. I will need the winner's name and address to pass on to Routing Jigs for them to post the prize to you.
5. If you already have one of these jigs, or you don't need one, then it would be preferred if you don't enter as it makes more work for me to sort out a different winner.

This the jig concerned:

You can now enter - or re enter - >>>HERE<<<

Many thanks!!

Stretch ThumbUp

All Tokens now refunded! ThumbUp

Still a week to go so plenty of chance to enter this one......unless you've already entered of course! Only one entry per person permitted.

Enter the Lottery here

How do I know if I've entered? Not sure if I entered in the one that was canceled or not.

if you scroll down a bit it gives you ticket number

And the winner is........

Jonny Round Boy!!

Well done mate, I'm sure this will come in handy for your current project. Think I had your address once upon a time but PM it to me anyway (before Monday evening as I'm away for a week on Tuesday) and I'll pass on the details to Routing Jigs.

Thanks to all who entered......ThumbUp

Result here

well done round boy
and thanks for the chance stretch much appreciated ThumbUp


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