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KFF Prize Lottery coming up
Howdy chaps,

Starting this Sunday 19th May there will be a Prize Lottery starting. It's been a while since we had one so I've got to try and remember how to set it up but the prize is coming from one of our sponsors, Routing Jigs, who's advert can be seen the advertisers box.

The prize will be one of their newest products, a jig for forming the curves on worktops to suit curved base units, details here:

Quite simply, the Lottery will be running for two weeks. I will decide what the "entry fee" will be, ie, how many of your Tokens it's gonna cost. Only one entry per person so that everyone gets an equal chance. Once the winner has been drawn I will need an address from that winner (if I don't already have it) and I will pass on the address to Routing Jigs who will send out the jig to you. Simples.

I'll put up an announcement when it starts and occasional reminders throughout the course of the Lottery.

Good Luck!! ThumbUp

cheers ThumbUp


Had a busy weekend and forgot to set this one up.....

One go each, it will cost you 500 of your precious Tokens, winner drawn at random exactly two weeks from today.

Click >>>HERE<<< to enter or by clicking the banner in the advertisers box.

Stretch, lottery page doesn't seem to be working. Says the lottery is closed.
Insert amusing/intelligent/witty comment here

I knew I'd have problems with this!! It's a different software to the one we used to have and it's a bit complex to set up,

Try again for me - I can't enter myself in case I win!!

Can't seem to get the Lottery to reset....bear with me! LOL

(20-05-2013, 03:20 PM)Stretch Wrote: Can't seem to get the Lottery to reset....bear with me! LOL
4 00clock still in rest timeROFL30h

I've spent all day on this and can't get it to work.....might have to remove this Lottery as I'm off on hols a few days after it's due to end and I wanted to get it all done and dusted before leaving.


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