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We are planning to upgrade the forum tonight. During this time you will be unable to access this website.

Once the main upgrade has been completed some features may not be available.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.
What am i signing again??

cheers huds will there be any new fetures to look forward to

Well it seems anthers of threads and posts are now anonymous lol

Awesome, can i call you all bastards then?! lol.

Ummmmm Joel seems to have put him self forward for the new ban members system haha.

Anyhow Upgrade done but as it was such a large jump between versions many things will not work, look the same or even be there anymore.

Please report everything found on this thread and I or Stretch will fix if we can.

Yep, as Huds says, there will be a few changes and a few things missing. I will do my best to reinstall stuff but I've got a busy week this week and I'm away for two days of it so probably get something done by the weekend....

from here the uneven lines to the rhside where the aviters are ???

Only 1 small thing I,ve noticed, the clock is an hour out!


It was like that before Snezza!! I've never found a way to adjust that in BST. There is a facility in the Admin control panel but it doesn't seem to work.

It'll be put right in October! :lol:


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