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How to Install Kitchen Base Cabinets Part 1
The kitchen is one area in the house where a good home improvement project will uplift the look of the entire space and simple projects like installing new kitchen base cabinets can do wonders.

There are several steps involved in installing kitchen base cabinets and each procedure is important to get these cabinets installed properly. The first part in putting up your new kitchen base cabinets is to determine where the location of the studs are and how to appropriately install each cabinet.
Tools and Materials:

Stud finder
Tape measure
Pencil and paper
Ledger board
Wood shim
Base cabinet

Step 1 – Measure the Walls

You need to measure the height of the cabinets as well as the back splashes needed. Generally, you need to add an additional 1 1/2 inches for any standard type countertops. A standard back splash requires 18 inches.

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