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KFF Christmas Lottery!!
Ok everyone, it's up and running.

It's very simple, you can have up to 20 entries but each entry will cost you a quid. You can top up your entries at any time just by going back to the Lottery entry page and adding more - and paying for them of course!

Payment is by Paypal or credit/debit card if you wish.

When the winner is drawn at random on Christmas Day, the winner will collect the entire pot, whatever that turns out to be and will be paid back your Paypal account from the forum Paypal account.

If you want enter click >>>here<<< to go to the Lottery entry page where you will find a full set of instructions on how to enter.

Good luck!! ThumbUp

As the receipt says "SUBS" does that make it tax deductableTh_ROFLMAO:Th_ROFLMAO

KOVKID Wrote:As the receipt says "SUBS" does that make it tax deductableTh_ROFLMAO:Th_ROFLMAO

Yeah....if you win I'll deduct 20% from your prize!!

Just a note Kovkid - you've paid for your entries but haven't actually entered!! The two softwares aren't automatically linked so you need to go back in to the Lottery entry page and enter the amount of tickets in the relevant box and click "Buy".....before Saturday!!

Anybody else gonna have a punt at this?? C'mon you Scrooges ROFL30h

xmas day morning there will be around 10 of us logging on before the presents are open.

which means stretch will have to be up REALLY EARLY to make the draw.

my kids are up at 5:30 ThumbUp
FESTOOL CHEAPER THAN mafell and Doesn't look like an Aldi special.LOL


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