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How to Remove Integrated Fridge Door
Please could you tell me how to remove the integrated fridge door off of my Bauknecht KRI48GB?

It seems to have a fixing near each corner. No obvious screws or anything to undo...

I've emailed Whirlpool (owns Bauknecht), and although they acknowledged the email (over a week ago), they haven't sent a response yet!

Yours in urgent desperation!

I'm not familiar with Baucknecht and there seems to very little info about them on the net apart from the fact that they are rebranded Whirlpool.....

Have a look to see if there are any plastic caps anywhere that slide off to expose the fixings.

Most integrated fridges where the door attaches to the appliance door have a metal plate which fixes to the top of the door fascia then hooks and fixes onto the appliance door. There will be a large plastic cap that covers this. There are a couple of securing brackets underneath as well.

Or you could try taking a photo and uploading it here as an attachment. You'll see the "New attachment" facility just under the reply box.

Hey Stretch - Your a hero!!
Reading your note made me consider looking INSIDE the fridge. Sure enough, hidden behind the door rim seal, there are 3 holes near each corner. The top hole has screw inside, which (when screwed CLOCKWISE) releases the fridge doors grip on the kitchen panel panel. After that the panel can be slid sideways off of the four bolts in the fridge.

...Hmmm nice and clean behind the panel...NOT.

Anyway - thankyou again my friend. You've been the inspiration. Have a great afternoon/evening !


You've been the inspiration. Bet you don't here that everyday big lad.
Should have studied harder at school.

Don't hear it any day to be honest!


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