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Trade Counter Closed
Was looking at some of the posts in "The Trade Counter" tonight and realised that a lot of people had misunderstood the purpose of that section.

'Twas supposed to be a place where we could go and be non PC, use lots of sweary words and all that, and just generally be "lads". I didn't want to call it "The Pub" or "The Fitters Arms" as most forums would and I think the name we came up with was the result of a sort of poll. But it didn't work anyway!

Seems like a lot of people were posting all sorts in there and given that only a few people had access to that part of the forum the posts were going largely unanswered.

I've moved the threads into the relevant sections now and the sweary stuff that we did do is now in "Trade Counter Archives" in General Chat and that section has gone.

All I gotta do now is go through the Galleries and sort them into kitchen, bathrooms and whatever.


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