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Thinking of taking the Planit plunge
'Course I was only talking about kitchen suppliers - with that size thing!

It's a bit ridiculous isn't it, that such a big decision about one's business is down to how good the salesman is - rather than how good the programme is. But I suppose that's true of a lot of things - including the kitchens themselves. Who hasn't lost an occasional sale to a high pressure, sell-it-on-the-night merchant?

I'm guessing that the decision about whether to give up the tools depends on a lot of things - including how old you are. How long can a fitter go on working full time? It's hard work - I believe!

One of my client showrooms is run by an ex-fitter - about the same age as me (careful!). He likes the fact that he doesn't have to fit now ... but complains a lot about his fitters (as do they about him!).



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