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Video production for the Diamond Drilling of VERY hard porcelain tiles with 365Drills
365 Drills are proud to launch their new 8 minute video
for kitchen fitters who handle stone material
which gives some detail of how to use the best selling
diamond core drilling kit for VERY hard porcelain tiles,
granite kitchen worktops, ceramics, pottery, slate
marble, travertine in fact ANY stone both man made
and natural. The kit featured can make holes for
standard service pipes AND smaller rawl plugs.

More details here....



Also many people want to see the diamond holesaws / cores / drill bits actually working.
Professional installers, kitchen fitters, tilers, plumbers have indicated to us that they are prepared to
sit through an 8 minute presentation of how our diamond cores work. With those comments in mind
we also add this second video showing how to diamond core drill
1) A very heavy duty C5 Grade porcelain tile - Something used more and more on kitchen floors!
2) A solid 30mm granite worktop (this is the depth of a kitchen worktop)
3) A thick slate tile. (These are used a lot in kitchens and although brittle we show perfect drilling)
4) A glass vase. This is to show that the cores will grind through glass splashbacks fitted to kitchens.
5) A wine bottle. OK so at this point we are showing off a little bit now..

Here it is:


As manufacturers of diamond holesaws to cut through stone we hope to make your life easier as a kitchen fitter because you will come up against this material at some point during your career.

The Fitters Kit contains all the service pipe sizes as well as drill cores for rawl plugs.


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